Jingle All the Way getting a straight to video sequel


While I may have come down critically on Jingle All the Way in the past, it was more to play devil’s advocate than a hatred for the film. That’s why news of a direct to video sequel for the film kind of has me down. There’s a certain cheesy magic to the original that will be completely lost by actually being a cheesy direct to video movie. 

Want more reason not to be excited by this? It’s starring Larry the Cable Guy; It’s being produced by WWE Films, it’s also starring some wrestler, the director is best known for his other straight to video film The Tooth Fairy 2. The real reason to upset though is that Jingle All the Way is such a perfect encapsulation of the time it was made and turning it into a franchise basically ruins the film retroactively. 

Also, The Marine franchise (why?) is getting another movie. 

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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