JJ Abrams confirmed for Star Trek 2


Not content with directing a bunch of movies about aliens and space, NYMag has confirmed that director/writer/viral auteur J.J. Abrams is returning to helm Star Trek 2, which isn’t really the second Star Trek, but whatevs, as they say. Details are scarce, but given the critical and commercial success of the first Star Trek reboot, odds are he will have a almost unchecked freedom to pursue this latest endeavor with aplomb. Also returning is Star Trek writer Alex Kurtzman, who has worked on, amongst other films, Cowboys and Aliens, Transformers 1 and 2, and the television series Fringe.

I for one think that Abrams is actually human (unlike others who believe he is an alien sent to Earth to make great films), so I am approaching this one with tempered optimism. Super 8 wasn’t all that super in my opinion (take out the kids and nothing changes) but Star Trek is a different beast all together, and given his financial success on television and in theaters, there’s a good chance this will be a big summer hit. Assuming he isn’t so pretentious he thinks they can make Oscar runs…