JJ sez Star Wars VII will be “emotional” and buzzword


Our lord and savior JJ Abrams came out of the star-spangled closet to finally say some buzzwords about the Second Coming of Christ a.k.a Episode VII. The Into Darkness director said that he hopes that he will deliver an “emotional” and “authentic” Star Wars experience. He also completely avoided the fact that he has such monumental pressure placed upon him that it’s surprised he hasn’t spontaneously combusted yet.

I do jest though. I’m one of the few who do place a lot of confidence into Abrams’ talents. I’m with Pegg in that if people’s number one critique of him is his artistic choice of lens flares then he must be quite the filmmaker. Abrams is also famed for melding physical sets with digital effects and his use of “authentic” might hint towards a return to the glory days of true physicality with Star Wars Seven. For the ’emotional’ part I hope we’re not going to jump straight into Empire Strikes Back, even if it is the best of the trilogy. Regardless, Abrams is mostly buzzwording himself through an interview but, once again, it’s nice to see he truly cares about what people want.

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