Joaquin Phoenix accepts his mission in new clip for You Were Never Really Here


The film hasn’t been released, but it’s already generating quite a bit of buzz. Winning Best Screenplay and Best Actor awards at the Cannes Film Festival, You Were Never Really Here is set to make its mark here in 2018. The story follows Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), a troubled veteran who tracks down missing persons in his post-military days. During one such job, things start to spiral out of control and conspiracy nightmares take hold as Joe fends for his life. 

A new clip for the film has been released, and though it doesn’t reveal too much, it gives viewers a glimpse into the gravitas of Joe’s life. Quiet and calm while speaking with a senator, Joe is being commissioned to find the senator’s kidnapped daughter and make sure those who are responsible pay. 

If you missed the trailer be sure to watch it below, and catch You Were Never Really Here when hits theaters on April 6th. 

You Were Never Really Here – Official Trailer | Amazon Studios

Nick Hershey