Joe Carnahan has finished Uncharted script, movie may finally get made, honest


Sony has been trying and trying and trying to make an Uncharted movie for years. Now in 2017, they may actually start making the movie. Finally. Really. Well, maybe. We’ll see if Shawn Levy sticks around to direct.

Joe Carnahan has finished the screenplay for the film, and he posted about it on his Instagram account:

Carnahan would have been a fun director for the project, be he’s only writing the film so he can direct Bad Boys 3. Levy seems like a strange choice to tackle this project, but if he actually sticks around, he’ll at least have that over his numerous predecessors.

What do you think? Will this actually happen or no? Discuss in the comments.

[Joe Carnahan on Instagram via Movieweb]
Hubert Vigilla
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