Joe Strummer biopic on its way, directed by Julie Delpy


Julie Delpy might be pretty busy in the next year or so. Not only will she be reteaming with Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke for a sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, but she’ll also be at the helm of a Joe Strummer biopic. The film will be called The Right Profile, as in the seventh track on London Calling.

Rather than covering the whole life of the Clash co-founder, The Right Profile will focus on a single period of his career. In 1982, right before Combat Rock was released, Strummer dropped out of the public eye and wound up wandering the streets of Paris. Word has it that every night, Strummer was picked up by a magic car that transported him back to the 1920s. Everyone in the music and literary circles of the time agreed that Strummer was one of the coolest people ever. (Even Alice Toklas agreed and then we put on some boxing gloves and Gertrude Stein broke my nose.)

Apropos of the film’s title, let’s play that Clash song after the jump.

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The Clash - The Right Profile

You know what? There’s a holiday coming up, so one more song. Here’s “Police and Thieves” taken from the film Rude Boy, a 1980 pseudo-documentary with some great live footage of The Clash. Everyone, raise a toast to St. Joe Strummer.

The clash - Police and Thieves

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