Joel Courtney painting fences as Tom Sawyer


Super 8 star Joel Courtney had no acting credits to his name before he auditioned for the J.J. Abrams behemoth. Following his amazing turn in the film, he can now add another notch to his acting belt. Dark Horizons is reporting that Courtney is set to star as one of the most popular characters in American literature, Tom Sawyer. The film will be adapted, produced, and directed by Jo Kastner.

There are two very interesting things to note with this adaptation. The first, and slightly less important, is the location. Kastner is aiming for an August production start… in Bulgaria. The eastern European country doesn’t exactly scream Antebellum America, but then again, I’ve never actually been to Bulgaria.

The second fact, which I believe to be VERY curious, is the film is titled Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. For those familiar with Sam Clemens’ series of novels, these are two ENTIRELY different (though related) novels. Could Kastner possibly be combining the narratives of the two? Or is the joint title meant to illuminate a larger role for Huck Finn? I’ll keep my eye on this one.

[via Dark Horizons, via Variety]