Joel Kinnaman is officially Robocop


It appears we’ll all be going along for the Robocop remake ride with actor Joel Kinnaman as the clunky, metal police officer. The actor was offered the role a few weeks ago, but decided to wait a bit to say yes because, you know, he didn’t understand that he was being offered to play mother-f**king Robocop. I think if he had understood that he would have said yes right away.

Kinnaman isn’t a big name as his best known role is in televisions The Killing, but that means more money can be spent on blowing things up and blood packets, which is good in my book. Besides, all we’re going to see of him is his lips and some soft focus flashbacks, right? Doesn’t really matter who the actor is as long as he can do the robot.

[Deadline, via JoBlo]

Matthew Razak
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