Joel Kinnaman offered the role of Robocop. Wait, who?


Do you guys watch the AMC show The Killing? I always get it confused with that show Revenge on ABC, and I don’t really know why. Anyhoo, Joel Kinnaman, who plays Stephen Holder on The Killing, has been offered the lead role of Robocop in Jose Padhilla’s Robocop rebootquel, beating out the eternally busy Michael Fassbender and Russell Crowe. No word on whether or not Kinnaman will accept the role, but, c’mon. It’s Robocop. He’s an actor that’s just starting to break out. The movie’s being directed by the man behind the two Elite Squad movies, both of which are great (see Max’s review of part two!). It’s like Chris Pine accepting the role as Kirk in Star Trek: kind of a no-brainer.

While I’m sad that we won’t be seeing Michael Fassbender as OCP’s top cop, and I know nothing of this guy’s work, I’m glad to see the project moving a little bit further along. I’ll have to catch The Killing to see what this dude is made of, or maybe check his bit parts in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Safe House.

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