Joel Kinnaman replacing Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad


One of the weirdest films coming out of Warner Bros and DC’s upcoming film slate is definitely the supervillain team up film, Suicide Squad. Normally I’d make some joke about a bland white guy replacing a bland white guy here, but when one of them is Tom Hardy that joke no longer holds any weight. It’s a shame we’re losing a truly capable actor who would’ve fit it among big names like Margot Robbie and Will Smith, but instead we’ve got RoboCop. 

Joel Kinnaman is to play Rick Flagg, the leader of the group and resident bland man. Apparently it’s okay if it’s a bland guy in a group of weirdos as Sean, Flixist’s go to for comic book expertise, had positive things to say: 

As a relatively boring (in comparison) character surrounded by interesting, nuanced villains, they could cast Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy for all it matters. I like Joel Kinnaman, and won’t hold Robocop against him in light of The Killing, but from what I know of Rick Flagg, it’s purely a perfunctory role.

He’s not even in the New 52 Suicide Squad. The less crazy villains usually lead the team.
Well, that sounds good. Leave more room for the crazier roles to play around. This could be fun, and I’m glad Tom Hardy is doing less comic booky things, really. 
[via The Wrap