John Boyega admits he lost the script for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that was recently on eBay


Fans were puzzled to find that a script for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had found its way onto eBay recently. Disney is usually very cautious when it comes to stuff like this, so what happened? Did a rogue employee get fired and decide to strike revenge on the house of mouse? No, it’s actually quite a bit more mundane than that.

In a segment on Good Morning America this past week, actor John Boyega has admitted he was the one that lost the script. As he explained to GMA host Michael Strahan, “I was moving apartments, and I left the script under my bed.” Some friends of his had come over and he hid the script from them to prevent leaks. Sadly, he then left it there after vacating the premises.

“A few weeks after, this cleaner comes in, finds this script and then puts it on eBay for like 65 pounds. So the person didn’t know the true value,” Boyega said. He jokingly told Strahan he thought it was a solid opportunity for fans to read the movie before release, which is obviously not what Disney wants. In fact, Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams confirmed to GMA that a Disney employee found the script and purchased it before any trouble ensued.

The only reason Abrams didn’t throw Boyega under the bus was because he wanted Boyega to be the one to break the news. “That was scary, man,” Boyega recounted. “I got calls from every official, even Mickey Mouse called me, ‘What did you do!'” Thankfully, nothing worse came of this. I’m mostly surprised Disney didn’t nuke Boyega’s house, though.

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