John C. Reilly & Steve Coogan are Laurel & Hardy in first look at Stan & Ollie


Kids these days! They wouldn’t recognize slapstick comedy if it turned around and them on the head with a ladder and then did it again. The days of classic slapstick are long gone, but it’s still hilarious. Laurel and Hardy were the kings of it and it’s a shame that as time progresses fewer and fewer people have seen their films. If you ever want to see masters at work pop in a Laurel and Hardy movie.

Maybe more folks will do this after Stan & Ollie releases. The film is a biopic about the two, which stars John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan as the titular characters. The movie will follow the two around Britain and Ireland on what becomes their farewell tour and focuses on their lifelong friendship and the incredible support of their wives. It should also, hopefully, be hilarious. The film is closing out the London Film Festival this year, and we’re guessing may try to make an Awards season push. 

Now, if I can shake my cane a bit more as I tell the kids to get off my damn yard: you should all go watch some Laurel and Hardy movies and learn you some history. 

Matthew Razak
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