John Carpenter penning sequel comic to Big Trouble in Little China


Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Fight Club before it, Big Trouble in Little China is getting the sequel comic treatment and it’s being co-written by the master of the cult himself, John Carpenter. Titled Old Man Jack, the comic is set in a literally hellish 2020 and will tell the story of how Jack will venture forth out of his home in Florida to confront Ching Dai who has broken the barriers between earth and hell. It is unclear whether this comic will follow the same continuity of the last comic series that involved Jack Burton, but from what the author is saying this will be “the final ride in the Pork-Chop Express”

The comic will be co-written by Anthony Burch who also worked on the Borderlands video game series and will be penciled and colored by Jorge Corona who has worked on Teen Titans Go, and We Are Robin. The limited series will run for 4 issues and be published by BOOM! Studios starting in September.

[Disclaimer: Anthony Burch is a former writer for Flixist’s video game affiliate website Destructoid]

Anthony Marzano
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