John Carpenter’s Halloween returning to theaters


I don’t know if re-releases are a new thing or if I had somehow just missed their existences. Either way, they certainly seem to be getting more and more frequent. Such is the case with the 1978 classic Halloween, which will be returning to theaters this October (fittingly, a week before Halloween). I only saw Halloween for the first time pretty recently, but it still holds up as an excellent film, and I think it would be pretty cool to see it up on the big screen. My only concern comes from the fact that horror movie audiences are terrible.

Regardless, for those of you interested in seeing the film, there’s a pretty sizable list of theaters taking part in the re-release already, and those are just from the first day of announcements. For the next two weeks, new locations will continue to be added to the Screenvision events page, which can be found here

Every screening will be preceded by the documentary You Can’t Kill the Boogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween, which deals with the film’s impact on the horror genre and culture in general and sounds like it could be pretty cool. It’s certainly a more interesting way to spice up an old film than a 3D upconversion.

[Via Dread Central]