John Carpenter’s Lost Themes II coming in April, with live shows and possible US tour dates


Last year, horror maestro John Carpenter released the album Lost Themes, a collection of original compositions that could have come from one of his movies. If you loved Lost Themes, you’ll be happy to know that a new Carpenter album, Lost Themes II, will be out on April 15th.

John Carpenter will play his first live music dates overseas this year. His first live performance will be at ATP Iceland in July, with subsequent ATP Release the Bats shows scheduled in Manchester on October 29th and London on Halloween.

According to the AV Club, the press release also teased possible US dates to be announced.

Here’s a track from last year’s Lost Themes.

Hopefully Carpenter plays New York. I’ve loved his film scores ever since high school, and I’d love to see the director (currently 68 years old) in person. If he does play NYC, I’m totally wearing this Cinemetal t-shirt.

[via The AV Club]

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