John Cena in negotiations to star in Duke Nukem movie


Well, color me surprised. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cena is in talks to star as Duke Nukem in an upcoming film adaption of the 90s FPS franchise. Yeah, you heard that right.

The film was originally going to made by Dimension Films, but it seems that Paramount is picking up the movie for development. Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes is set to produce the silver-screen adaption of one of videogame’s most famous action-heroes. 

Someone went and did it. Someone thought to themselves, “Let’s combine arguably the worlds most famous loveable meathead with arguably videogaming’s most famous loveable meathead,” and turned that fantasy into something more. 

But this move does make some sort of sense. John Cena is a hulking, charismatic actor/wrestler/internet meme with near-universal appeal. Fusing his star-power with a well-established video game series that revels in its mascuine ultra-violence and quippy dialogue sounds like a perfect fit for the actor. Let’s hope the negotiations pan out.


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