John Cho becomes Detective Dad in Searching trailer

SEARCHING - Official Trailer 2

David Kim’s daughter is missing and this is an issue for him, as it probably would be with most parents. After Margot fails to return from her study group, Kim (John Cho) has his worst fatherly fears come to life. Where did she go? Was she taken? Did she have some other master plan because she’s not who everyone thinks she is? Is she acting out a revenge plan on her father because maybe HE isn’t who everyone thinks he is?

Searching mixes in thriller misdirection tropes while embracing the social media normalcy of everyday life. In the trailer, Cho’s character visits his daughter’s YouTube page for clues to her whereabouts while she video chats with an audience in a Facebook Live-ish app. A life lived online leaves little secrets, but Margot seems to have something up her sleeve. 

Searching hits theaters in August. 

Nick Hershey