John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds are joining forces for a comedy film


A new report from The Hollywood Reporter states that the unlikely duo of John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds will be teaming up for a new fantasy comedy. Titled Imaginary Friends, the project is to be helmed by Krasinki who will write, direct, and star in the picture. Reynolds is tapped to co-star and produce. Paramount won a bidding war to distribute the film, which currently has no release date as negotiations are still on-going.

The film will focus on the story of a man (likely Krasinski’s character) who can see and talk to people’s imaginary friends. He proceeds to befriend those that have been forgotten. Some of these neglected apparitions turn to evil, though, and that is where Reynolds will come in. I guess he’s some kind of imaginary savior -which is probably the twist the film will hang its theme on-.

I’m not sure how these two stars ever got paired together, but both are currently seeing mass popularity from their respective roles. Krasinki had a huge hit with A Quiet Place and Reynolds is making waves with Deadpool, so why not combine forces and take on the box-office?

Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski Teaming for Fantasy Comedy ‘Imaginary Friends‘ (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Peter Glagowski
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