John Krasinski is planning a new movie called Life on Mars


A Quite Place has made John Krasinski into a hot-as-hell director now thanks to its massive box office, and the fact that it was, you know, actually directed really well. And so his next project is pretty hotly anticipated. THR is reporting that that project will be a film called Life on Mars, which is adapted from a short story called We Have Always Lived on Mars.

The story, which was found by Krasinski and brought to production company Platinum Dunes, focuses on a young woman who is part of a group of descendants of a martian colony that was abandoned by earth after a great catastrophe. She one day discovers she can breathe the air on Mars, sewing major implications for the entire colony.

It sounds like some high-minded science fiction that could deliver in spades if Krasinski can bring the same care and attention to it that he did A Quiet Place.  Evidently Paramount is already in talks to snap up the rights.

John Krasinski Plans Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Life on Mars’ With ‘Quiet Place’ Team (Exclusive) [THR]


Matthew Razak
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