John Logan taking on writing duties for Bond 24 and 25


Bet you didn’t expect news about a Bond sequel so soon did ya? Hell, Skyfall hasn’t even released in the states yet! Of course, that doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to the Bond franchise, because it’s not like we’re not going to get a sequel. There is a precedent being set here, however, because it looks like Bond 24 and 25 are actually going to be written as a pair, with an overall story arc that will span both films. John Logan, who co-wrote and won an Academy Award for Gladiator, apparently pitched his two film Bond story to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson while Skyfall was in production, and they took right to it. Logan had a hand in the Skyfall script, and this will be the first time since before The World is Not Enough that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade won’t be handling writing duties for the world’s most suave spy. 

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