John Travolta cancels Cannes screening of Fred Durst-directed The Fanatic


Fred Durst, 90’s music icon for songs we all regret having liked, is also a film director. He’s been working on a film about his own experiences being stalked by a crazed fan for a bit now, and that movie was finally about to screen for buyers at Cannes–except John Travolta has stepped in at the last minute to pull the plug.

Playing the once-titular Moose, Travolta apparently isn’t happy with the current cut of The Fanatic and will do a re-edit. After that, everything will be just fine, I’m sure.

This is weird news, given that Travolta let Gotti premier at Cannes, and that movie is perhaps the worst crime MoviePass has ever unleashed upon the public. Maybe this means that Fred Durst’s current cut is actually good, and we’ll be bemoaning the fact that what we’ll see won’t be the director’s unquestioned vision.

Amazon has the U.S. rights to this movie and intends to release it later this year, so no matter what we’ll find out sooner than later just what sort of mess we’re in for. We don’t even know what version Amazon will use–will it be the Durst cut or the Travolta cut? We could very well about to be living in a world where there’s a competing canon for The Fanatic, and I can’t wait.

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