John Travolta keeping it gangster as John Gotti, Sr.


Shortlist of things I hate

  • Scientology
  • The gangster subculture
  • Growing Up Gotti
  • The lack of TCBY’s in my area
  • Most John Travolta movies made in the last ten years, excluding Wild Hogs and Hairspray

Imagine my chagrin when almost all of these things have formed an unholy alliance. John Travolta, star of such award-winning films as From Paris With Love and Ladder 49, will be playing John Gotti, Sr. in the biopic Gotti: Three Generations. Awesome.

And the best part? John Gotti, Jr. endorses the project and helped consult. Nothing says “unbiased” like the mafia’s seal of approval.

Now excuse me, some well-dressed Italian gentlemen are knocking at my door.

[via /film]