John Wick Chapter 3 gets its first synopsis and promotional poster


Lionsgate dropped the first details for John Wick Chapter 3 at CinemaCon. The synopsis, which is more a summary of the end of Chapter 2, tells that John Wick will now be fighting his way out of New York City with a $14 million bounty on his head and without any of the Continental’s help. He’ll use what the synopsis refers to as the “service industry” to help make his violent escape.

They’ve also released a very boring promotional poster, which you can view below.

I’m super pumped for this. The first John Wick took me by surprise as a Redbox rental that turned out to be a brilliant display of stripped down, small-scale action beats with stunning choreography which carried it far beyond your usual low-budget action flick. Chapter 2 was a deft exercise in restraint, keeping the action small and personal while exploring the weirdness of its assassin culture. Here’s hoping Chapter 3 will keep the pace.

We’ll find out for sure when it hits theaters May 17, 2019.

First ‘John Wick Chapter 3′ Promo Poster and Synopsis Revealed [Collider]

Kyle Yadlosky
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