John Wick spin-off show, The Continental, is a go at Starz


John Wick is a damn tiny miracle brought to us by our lord and savor Keanu Reeves. The first movie was a blast of fresh action air and the sequel didn’t dissapoint either. That’s why news of a the possibility of a spin-off TV show called The Continental actually got me excited. Now Starz has officially picked the show up. 

It’s a match made in heaven, as Starz original content is incredibly genre focused and known for being loyal to its fans. Plus, they’re cool with cheesy blood and gore as the likes of Ash v Evil Dead shows us. The show will be written and helmed Chris Collins, who has writing credits all over the place including The Wire. Most of the people involved with the films will be on board as executive producers, and we’re guessing, given the amount of love Reeves has for the character, they’ll be hands on with their baby. 

The show will take a look inside the titular hotel chain, which serves as a resting spot for hitmen across the world of the film. It’s an interesting concept, and given that the early word is that it will focus on Continentals across the world it may be more akin to an anthology series like Black Mirror. That would surely be an awesome way to pull it off with different assassins each week lending different action themes.

Whatever we get it’s also exciting to hear that Chad Stahelski will be directing the first episode. We’re guaranteed one fantastic fight sequence no matter what. And don’t worry, we’re still getting John Wick 3. The show is designed to exist alongside the movies.

Matthew Razak
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