John Woo’s next movie will be remake of The Killer


Rumors of John Woo’s action classic The Killer getting a U.S. remake (because we’d hate to just watch the original) have been occurring since before Flixist even existed. Directors have been attached and then left, a poster was made, and eventually people forgot all about it. Another movie never to happen… or is it? 

Sitting down with ScreenDaily while promoting Manhunt Woo said the movie will finally be getting underway, though he says the story is completely different from what it was years ago.

I have never left [Hollywood]. I still enjoy working with Hollywood. I still have a couple of projects developing in Hollywood. So after Manhunt, I probably will go back to Hollywood to make another action thriller. I’m going to make The Killer in an American version.

There’s no word on if he’s going to direct the movie or just produce it, but considering his long list of Hollywood duds I can’t see anyone in tinsel town begging him to helm. Then again, maybe this could be the chance for the director to show that he can make a competent Western action film that isn’t Face/Off. (Confession: I also kind of liked Windtalkers.)

Matthew Razak
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