Johnny Depp is basically owned by Disney now


I wonder when Johnny Depp will finally NOT do a Disney-backed movie. He’s now set to produce two more Disney films, both with a very likely chance of a starring role for him. The first is an adaptation of the made-for-TV movie The Night Stalker, about a reporter that discovers that a serial killer is actually a vampire. Man, that’s some intense journalism. The other project is a yet-unnamed film based on the life of Paul Revere. Our American readers will remember from elementary school history that Paul Revere was the man to ride through the city of Concord to warn them of the oncoming British invasion. Xander will remember him as a silly little man that spoiled all the Redcoats’s fun.

You know, I remember when Johnny Depp was the kind of actor that would do these big studio pictures while finding time to do the more interesting indie pictures as well. Did that Johnny Depp get pod-person replaced, or did he just get old and greedier?

[Via /Film]