Johnny Depp will cameo in 21 Jump Street movie


As the title suggests, Johnny Depp will be returning to his earliest stomping grounds when he cameos in the movie version of the late ’80s television hit 21 Jump Street, where he first made his name. The series was about young cops working undercover in high schools to deal with youth crime such as drugs, child abuse and hate crime. And yes, I did have to look that up. Thanks, Wikipedia.

The premise has plenty of potential to be updated to modern school life, and screenwriter Jonah Hill – yes, that Jonah Hill – promised an “R-rated, insane, Bad Boys meets John Hughes type movie” in a 2009 interview. Maybe this is a phenomenon which passed me by, but was the original Jump Street really that big a deal? It did start Johnny Depp’s career, but then my impression is that he was considered more of an indie actor until Pirates, outside his Tim Burton collaborations. I’m just wondering whether this is yet another remake that doesn’t really need to be a remake, and if there really is much lingering nostalgia to see Jump Street return. Any fans in the Flixist community?

[via Digital Spy]