Johnny Knoxville has two movies lined up


Outside of watching him hurt himself in very extreme ways I’m not sure that Johnny Knoxville is a very pleasant person to watch on screen. Thus the news that Paramount has given the greenlight on two films starring the actor guy who hurts himself is a bit bewildering to me. Sure he made them lots of money with the Jackass movies, but his talent doesn’t really move beyond that.

The first of the two films is First Man, which will place Knoxville in the shoes of the husband of the President. He’ll play a guy who usually causes trouble and finds the rigors of his wife’s new position to demanding on his behavior. This sounds like a terrible idea that will be hard to top in stupidity.

The other film is “Mustache Riders,” which Paramount bought in 2008 and is reworking for Knoxville. The story revolves around three small-time crooks who join a grizzled outlaw in order to find a treasure. It sounds less dumb, but still stupid.

We’re sure you want remember this news, and we doubt we’ll report on it again until we review the films, but there you have it.

[via Dark Horizons]

Matthew Razak
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