Joker breaks $1 billion globally while Ford v. Ferrari wins the weekend


It was a good weekend for two movies and a terrible weekend for two others. First, the big news is that Joker has become the first ever R-rated film to break $1 billion globally, proving once and for all that we do, indeed, live in a society. Next is Ford v. Ferrari‘s expectation-destroying opening weekend of $31 million. In the age of superhero movies that may seem small, but it’s a massive hit for Fox — one they desperately needed to appease their Disney overlords. Good reviews and word of mouth should carry it well over the next few weeks.

On the other hand both The Good Liar and Charlies Angles struggled heartily. The latter was looking to rekindle a franchise but with only $8.55 million over the weekend it struggled to even hit its low expectations of $11 million. We probably won’t hear much more from this reboot as it drifts away. Meanwhile, The Good Liar achieved expectations at $5.65 million but that’s hardly going to make WB jump up with excitement. Thankfully, they’ve got that Joker money to count on.

Thought, that does raise some interesting questions. Where does WB/DC go with this? Their biggest hit is hardly a universe starter despite their attempt to shoehorn a Batman origin into the film. Everyone involved has said the movie is a stand alone but with that much money on the table you think WB will leave it that way?

1. Ford v. Ferrari – $31,037,000
2. Midway – $8,750,000
3. Charlie’s Angels – $8,600,000
4. Playing With Fire – $8,550,000
5. Last Christmas – $6,700,000
6. Doctor Sleep – $6,181,000
7. The Good Liar – $5,656,000
8. Joker – $5,635,000
9. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – $5,247,000
10. Harriet – $4,780,000

Matthew Razak
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