Joker gets the last laugh with massive box office


There might be plenty of debate over the quality and messaging of Joker but one thing is clear: it’s a massive hit. The film pulled in $93.5 million over the weekend. That gives it the biggest opening ever for an October film and the fourth largest opening ever for an R-rated movie. It may even beat out Justice League‘s $93.7 million when actuals come out later today.

WB has to be happy with this return but the question is where they go from here. The film does set up the possibility of a sequel but the director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have both said they weren’t looking to make a franchise. Does DC move forward with a bunch of independent-style super hero movies to try to capitalize on this or will they attempt to launch on even more dour DCEU than they had before. The success of Robert Pattinson’s Batman may give us a sign. 

Aside from that not too much stunning happened this week. Hustlers continues to play strong but Joker took over theaters so there wasn’t much competition.

1. Joker – $93,500,000
2. Abominable – $12,000,000
3. Downton Abbey – $8,000,000
4. Hustlers – $6,300,000
5.  It: Chapter Two – $5,355,000
6. Ad Astra – $4,557,000
7. Judy – $4,445,635
8: Rambo: Last Blood – $3,550,000
9. War – $1,581,000
10. Good Boys – $900,000

Matthew Razak
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