Joker origin movie with Scorsese crime drama feel in the works


The Joker’s already set to appear in two DC Unilaterally-bad-verse movies: a Suicide Squadsequel, and the Harley Quinn spinoff. Both will reportedly feature Jared Leto reprising his role as Mr. J. Wait, you might be asking yourself right about now. Wasn’t Suicide Squad garbage? Yes, yes it was, you may be nodding your head vigorously right about now.

But despite that being true, it’s also true that the film made over $745 million. That’s several hundreds of million dollars more than WB needed to green light the shittiest sequel to the shittiest superhero movie of all time. Wait–that’s not fair–sorry Halle Berry! Sorry Catwoman! You will forever be the shittiest superhero movie of all time.

Rumor has it that Warner Brothers has hired Martin Scorsese (The DepartedGoodfellas) to produce and Todd Philips (the dude who directed The Hangover) to direct a Joker origin film. A dark … gritty … origin … story! Dark and gritty. That’s probably what they should name it. Or Purple and Greeny. This time, it’ll be set in a crime infested world (wait). In the 80s (wait). In Gotham (wait!). 

They made that movie already!

It will be interesting to see who gets cast as a younger, less pasty white Joker. How about you: who are your top picks?



[via GameInformer]