Jon Favreau frontrunner to direct Jersey Boys


I’ve yet to see Jersey Boys, but considering its Tony award winning and has made more than $1 billion its a safe bet to say that a musical film based on it is probably a good idea. It’s actually a good idea that’s been in production for the past two years, but things seem to getting moving with word that Jon Favreau is the frontrunner to direct.

Seems like kind of an odd choice since he has no experience even remotely near the genre, but his resume is pretty varied anyway ranging from drama to action to comedy so why not toss musical into the mix. We may have to wait a bit to see me him wrangle a bunch of bee bopping doo woppers as he may still have Disney’s Magic Kingdom on his plate and a few acting gigs to take care of.  Lucky for all of us there’s a stage musical and plenty of Four Seasons albums to work with so I think we’ll all survive.

[Variety, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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