Jon M. Chu set to return to G.I. Joe


For those of us who enjoyed G.I. Joe: Retaliation thanks to Jon M. Chu’s direction there’s good news. Deadline is reporting that Chu should be returning for the third installment, though the writers for the film may not be as Paramount is reportedly searching for others. We probably won’t be seeing the film too soon, but expect Paramount to get this rolling ASAP. They don’t want to have to relaunch the series  yet again after only one movie.

I think Chu had some promise with Retaliation, but his direction of big action movies was clearly not up to snuff. A lot of the film’s issues arose from pacing and his inability to hold an action sequence together. Of course the film’s other problems came from a dumb plot, but those can always be forgiven (or should really be expected) if the action impresses enough. Hopefully Chu improves through experience or we’ll be sitting through a lot of stagnant Joe films. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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