Jon Stewart is hosting WWE SummerSlam 2015


Many people have wondered what Jon Stewart’s first gig would be after his final episode of The Daily Show. We learned earlier tonight. Stewart will be the host of WWE’s SummerSlam this weekend in Brooklyn.

Yeah. Seriously. I sort of marked out.

Stewart is actually a pretty big wrestling fan, and ditto his son. Stewart appeared on the WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw earlier in the year, kicking champ Seth Rollins in the nards, as you do. The WWE gave Stewart a special championship belt as a going-away present leading into his final Daily Show episode. It was a fine token of appreciation (and maybe even a sign of what was to come).

I sort of hope Stewart wears that belt to the ring. And that Stephen Colbert shows up dressed like Jim Cornette.

While Stewart appearing at a four-hour wrestling pay per view seems strange, it can’t be any weirder than one of the matches on the SummerSlam card, which will feature Arrow star Stephen Amell in a tag team bout against (as Chris Sims of Comics Alliance put it) an evil king and a cosmic supervillain.

Hey, that can’t be any worse than RoboCop saving Sting or that time Jay Leno wrestled Hulk Hogan. (Yeah. That happened too.)

[via USA Today]

Jon Stewart’s Appearance on Monday Night Raw

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Jon Stewart’s Special Championship Belt

Seth Rollins surprises Jon Stewart with a custom "The Daily Show" WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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