Jon Stewart producing film on jailed former guest Bahari


Back in 2009, the Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari was arrested during the Iranian election protests. He was imprisoned for 118 days, with all but eleven of those days spent in solitary confinement. His experience was obviously terrifying and deeply upsetting, but one of their questions for him was actually quite hilarious in how absurd it was: they suggested his interview on a national television show was evidence of him being a secret spy. That show was Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, and you can see the mock interview here, as well as the actual interview with him after he was released.

Since then, Maziar Bahari has written Then They Came For Me about his experience, and Jon Stewart has bought the rights to his story and plans to create a film about the entire event. While fans that hoped for a Daily Show movie of sorts might be let down, this is still the man that has brought quality shows four times a week for practically a decade; I can’t even remember how many years I’ve been enjoying his show.

In an episode this week they both joked about casting Matt Damon or Will Smith, but for now we don’t have many real details on what to expect unless you’re interested in buying the book here.