Jonah Hill planning R-rated animated film


I can hear the inevitable cries from unknowledgeable parents shouting “This isn’t suitable for children!” but I’d imagine Jonah Hill would be prepared for some soccer mom controversy if he goes forward with his plan for a new R-rated animated film. According to Collider, the project, which Hill is working on with Seth Rogan and Superbad producer Evan Goldberg, would be a 3D CG film (aren’t they all these days?) and take place in a supermarket. Cue the licensing of “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash.

The actor-producer describes the project as “if Shrek was R-rated, a very hard and agressive R.” For now, though, the film is still in the very early planning stages, though looking at the kind of work Hill, Rogan, and Goldberg have made in the past, I’m sure it will turn out to be something hilarious.

It certainly won’t be happening before Hill’s 21 Jump Street reboot. It is still in preproduction, but he claims he will have some casting announcements to make in the near future. Emma Stone was reportedly offered the lead role, so I’m sure Sean will be happy. Hill also mentioned that he would like to be involved in the always-delayed Zoolander 2, and had discussed plans with Ben Stiller, but that nothing was happening yet.

So basically, there’s a whole bunch of stuff with Jonah Hill that may be happening, but currently isn’t. Business as usual in Hollywood!

[via Collider]