Jones wants Mute on big screen, making another sci-fi pic


Duncan Jones, director of the critically acclaimed Moon and the upcoming sci-fi action thriller Source Code says that he really wants to do Mute, a sci-fi picture that he calls “my Don Quixote.” Jones, son of famed rocker David Bowie, wants to get Mute on the bigscreen and says that the previously announced Mute comic is the first step.

“Mute is a film I really want to do. It is my “Don Quixote” like Terry Gilliam trying to get that project done forever. I sometimes feel like I may never get that project done. I think I will make Mute into a graphic novel, and use that to get some interest in the project, show people the look of that story and maybe make it a film.”

Mute, for the uninitiated, is rumored to be a sci-fi noir, possibly in the vein of Blade Runner (a Duncan Jones favorite), involving a mysterious disappearance and possibly a mute bartender. Only Mr. Jones knows for sure. What we do know, however, is that regardless of the status of Mute, Mister Jones will be doing another sci-fi film as his next picture.

“I am definitely doing one more sci-fi project, and after that move to different territory. After that, I will probably take a sabbatical from sci-fi.”

Although Jones is keeping…silent… on his future plans, sci-fi fans can look forward to the upcoming Source Code, and sleep comfortably knowing Mister Jones is working behind the scenes on another science fiction project.

The full interview with Duncan Jones will be on Flixist next week.