Jordan Peele’s Us trailer weirded out my mom

Us - Official Trailer [HD]

If you were to tell me five years ago that Jordan Peele was going to be one of the most compelling horror directors in Hollywood and win an Academy Award for his 2017 movie Get Out, I would wonder who you were and why you were asking me such a strange question. Then I would say no. Well guess what, me from five years ago? You’d be wrong! And so on Christmas Day, we were able to see the first trailer to his next horror movie, Us, which Peele described as being a more traditional monster movie. After seeing this trailer, if this is a traditional horror movie, I want to see when he gets weird. 

When I saw the trailer earlier today with my mom when we went out to the movies, because I’m a good son like that and wanted to spend some time with her, she just laughed at how odd and weird it was. Why was the family wearing matching red pajamas? Why is the family fighting against clones of themselves? What’s with the scissors and the rabbit imagery? While my mom laughed off how odd it was and expressed no interest in seeing Us, those were the exact reasons why I wanted to see the movie. We’re left so in the dark by this trailer that I need to know more and I want to see just how weird and bizarre Us could be while scaring me senseless. After seeing that trailer, don’t you want to know what in the world is happening there?

Us will release March 15, 2019.

Jesse Lab
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