Jordana Brewster will once again be Fast and Furious in a Fast and Furious movie


Jordana Brewster’s Fast and Furious charcter, Mia, has never been all that integral to the plot. While she’s Vin Diesel’s sister and Paul Walker’s wife in the films that never let her do all that much. She’d appear on the phone worrying or at the end of the movie hugging everybody in grateful relief that they didn’t die while launching/attaching their cars from/to things that fly. Honestly, after Walker’s death and his characters departure from the series I think everyone assumed we’d never see her again. Vin Diesel says, hold up:

Yup, Brewster and the actor who plays her kid are back! Exciting times for those that go to the Fast and Furious films to watch the characters who don’t drive cars. It’s hard to imagine this role will be that big in any way since in the film universe Walker’s character is still alive and having him not show up but Brewster would be odd. This is probably just a cameo or flashback thing then. Just something to remind us of the good ol’ days of Brewster yelling at Dom or Brian to not get in a car. 

Jordana Brewster Returning for ‘Fast and Furious 9’ [Collider]

Matthew Razak
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