Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as young Bruce Willis) in Looper


If you’re like us Flixist folks, you’re probably eagerly anticipating Looper, the new film by Brick and Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about the mob in the future sending people back into the past to be assassinated and disposed of by hired killers called Loopers. Things get oogy when a Looper (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) learns his next victim is his future self (Bruce Willis).

The last picture we had from the film was Johnson inside something time machine-like. Now, we have a pic of Gordon-Levitt looking a tad Willis-like. A few bits of choice prosthetics help sell the illusion. Wonder if they’ll mimic each other at some point, or if they’ll just ham things the hell up like Nic Cage in Face/Off.

In the gallery are the two Gordon-Levitt pics. For a comparison, I’ve also included a picture of Bruce Willis from Looper from May of last year.

[Via JoBlo]

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