Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT Alberto Falcone in DKR


Believe it or not, the Internet can be wrong sometimes. Despite sources claiming he’d been cast as Alberto Falcone, reports are coming out stating otherwise. Entertainment Weekly is refuting the previous claims, calling such rumors to be incorrect. Of course, all of this back-and-forth could simply be a red herring on the studio’s part to get everybody talking. Then again, it IS Batman; people would be talking regardless.

Whatever the case may be, it seems the only news that we can all agree on is Gordon-Levitt’s confirmed casting in the film. Of course, we can continue the speculation of what role that may be. Could he very well end up playing the much-rumored Riddler role? Or did he hear my calls for a Dick Grayson Robin and convince Nolan that he’d be the perfect Boy Wonder? We’ll hopefully find out soon.

[via Entertainment Weekly]