Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin in The Dark Knight Rises


[UPDATE: JUST KIDDING, GUYS (but I wish it’d come true)!]

After weeks of speculation, false alarms, and outright confusion, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed what his role will be in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. However, it’s not at all what we expected (unless your name’s Geoff)!

Instead of turning to the various media outlets for the announcement, Gordon-Levitt took to the world of Twitter. However, the tweet was quickly deleted… but not before I was able to take a screenshot (which is below the jump). You can’t hide from my stalking abilities, JGL!

What do you guys think? Despite Warner Bros.’ claims that the Batman franchise will be rebooted following The Dark Knight Rises, it seems as if they can just further build upon Gordon-Levitt’s Robin. The dark future suddenly seems a shade brighter.