Joseph Kosinski talks about Tron 3 progress


We know that Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis — the writers of Tron: Legacy — are working on Tron: Uprising, a 10 part animated television series that explores the events leading up to the sequel, but what about another Tron movie in the near future? Joseph Kosinski made his director debut with Legacy and weighs in on the next film’s status in this interview with HitFix:

“I think that we are working on the story now. If we can come up with the right story and a good reason to return, than [sic] absolutely. I’d love to go back. But, it probably won’t be the next thing I do.”

He seems less optimistic than many are, but I think the proof is still in Legacy‘s plot. The ominous conclusion to the Tron character combined with the heavy introduction to the board members and coder only to never see them again suggests that they’ll all return as lead roles in the next film. What interested me more in the interview was Kosinski’s perception of movie markets in different countries, which is probably true:

“Here in the U.S. you get a lot more questions regarding celebrity and ‘Can you tell us some great rumors about on set antics and stuff like that.’  You go to Japan and they talk about bigger ideas and human’s relationship with technology and themes. You go to France and they talk about your film in the context of film history.  So, it’s interesting how the questions change in different areas of the world.”

He also modestly compares his most successful Tron scenes to parts of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Say what you will about Tron‘s lacking areas, but some of its early scenes were fantastic examples of how overrated dialogue is when exploring powerful new environments.

[Via HitFix]