Judge Dredd Superfiend gets first teaser


While we may all be chomping at the bit for a return of Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd, I think we were happy to hear about the film’s producer Adi Shankar taking the character further through a mini-series like he did with The Punisher. Sadly our hopes of seeing Urban back in the role are slightly dashed as it appears the mini-series will be animated and called Judge Dredd Superfiend.

Obviously the name is playing off the Superfriedns cartoon, which is right in line with Dredd’s dark humor, but I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. The teaser looks like it could be fun, but the animation is only passable and… I just want a new movie. Time to go curl up in a ball with a my Dredd plushie.

[via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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