Julie Delpy: Before Sunset sequel not shooting this year


Earlier in the year, Ethan Hawke said there was a 95% chance that the sequel to Before Sunset would shoot this summer. According to series co-writer/co-star Julie Delpy, it looks like the 5% chance of a no-go won out. Speaking with The Playlist to promote her film 2 Days in New York, Delpy said that the sequel wouldn’t start shooting for another year to year-and-a-half. She added that it was all up to director Richard Linklater.

Delpy did hint at one aspect of the sequel in her interview with The Playlist.

The third film, she said, will have more realistic elements, however, because it will be “rooted in the technology of now.” “It would be weird not to include that,” she said. “They haven’t emailed before, but perhaps if they had, they would have been together and fallen apart by now.”

As mentioned in our interview with Ethan Hawke, there’s a lot of pressure on Linklater and his two stars to get this third film right. Both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are little masterpieces about love and relationships, and the latter has one of my favorite unresolved endings in a movie — it’s like the studio fade out on your favorite song. As much as I want to see where Jesse and Celine’s lives have gone since then, I can wait if it means they’ll do this movie right.

[Via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla
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