Jumanji 2 first look with The Rock, Jack Black, Kevin Hart & Tombraider


Kevin Hart posted an exclusive first look image from the set of Jumanji 2 and the internet quickly ate it up. Not because diminutive Kevin is bite-sized (he is), but because amongst the characters wearing practical jungle attire, the lone female (Karen Gillan) is dressed as either the latest iteration of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider or the auteur’s homage to an anime girl, and that my dear friends is what internet trolls affectionately call sexism. Boom. Let’s open a dialogue.

Well, to avoid just such fireside chats, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, was quick to tweet his own followup image, in higher resolution and slightly different pose, promising there is no need to get the digital pitchforks and torches quite yet: the costumes will make sense based off the movies plot!

Translation: the plot of this movie is that a sexy woman wears revealing clothing while loosely following a story that allows us to call this the sequel to another movie that didn’t objectify a single woman in the least. Unless you can call Robin Williams in heavy beard an objectified woman. And for argument’s sake, feel free. Just don’t expect me to hand you a treat and say good puppy. For you’re not. Bad puppy. Very bad. Some one get me a rolled up newspaper.

And side note, the character names?

Kevin Hart: Moose Finbar

The Rock: Dr. Smolder Bravestone

Jack Black: Professor Shelly Oberon

Karen Gillan: Ruby Roundhouse

Not only do they dress her the part, but they name her the same. While the men are learned scholars, doctors, and professors, poor Karen is named after a stripper. Someone should have told them that Tomb Raider’s boobs are supposed to be big enough so that she just tips over naturally.



[Via Collider]