Jumanji is getting a reboot that no one asked for


Along with the news of more Men in Black and 21 Jump Street in the near future, Doug Belgrad announced that Jumanji, the Robin Williams starring board game movie from 1995, is getting a reboot in which the story will be “reimagin[ed] and updat[ed] for the present”. You know, because money. 

The reboot is most likely going to ruin everything I loved about the original. It had a beautifully fantastical premise that made me wish I could grow a super beard like Robin Williams. I know there were animals, but all I could think about was the beard. 

I can really only imagine one good thing coming from this news. Jumanji first released with an accompanying board game which I never bought because I was like six at the time. It’s ungodly expensive now, so a reboot would hopefully get the board game either re-released or re-made. Wisely enough, a reboot of the board game is the only thing I’m okay with. 

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