Juno Temple’s role in Batman confirmed?


Often when movie news breaks we can discern if its real or not, but this one is up in the air. Total Film did a recent article with Juno Temple, who we’ve known will be playing “a street-smart Gotham girl” since her casting was announced, and in it casually revealed that she’d be playing a character named Holly Robinson. They went further and speculated that this character was Catwoman’s sidekick who first appeared in Batman: Year One (go read it now).

Now Temple says (in the same article) she can’t talk about it at all, but previous to this we didn’t even know here character’s name so that’s a bit of a big detail given out a little too easily. Whether it is true or not I’m starting to worry that this film will suffer from what most superhero franchises begin to suffer from: character overload. Everyone wants to see all their favorite character’s on screen so they force too many into one film and ruin it. It happened with Spider-Man and the previous Batman incarnations. I still have faith in Nolan, but the more characters named the more worried I become.

[Comic Book Movie, via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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