Jupiter Ascending gets bumped to February 2015


This has got to hurt the ol’ Wachowski siblings egos. Their big budget, science fiction film crammed full of stars like Channing Tatume and Mila Kunis has been abruptly moved from opening this July to February 2015. That’s quite the shift for a movie that was supposed to help Warner Bros. anchor the summer with big money.

In all honestly you may not have even heard of the film as it has generated very little buzz at all. If you had you were probably surprised to hear in the above paragraph that it was opening in July. Even if you knew that were you excited for it? I was, but I’m also a strong supporter of Speed Racer and enjoyed Cloud Atlas (thanks to reading the book) so I’m one of the few that still has faith in these guys. Clearly Warner Bros. doesn’t.

Matthew Razak
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