Jurassic Games trailer is whatever until a guy roundhouse kicks a raptor


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A group of death row inmates are forced to battle to the death in an absurd game of survival that’s televised live for all of America to gawk at. The good guy is actually innocent of his crimes and intends to not kill anyone, but as the stakes are raised he’ll have to confront his morals while also trying to prove his innocence in the deadliest game show on earth.

Oh, but with dinosaurs.

The producers are pushing it as Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games, but it could just as easily be Jurassic Park meets Death Race or Jurassic Park meets Gamer or Jurassic Park meets The Running Man.

And that might have been my opinion as the masked announcer was hamming through the trailer’s opening, but then something magical happened. A man roundhouse kicked a raptor in the face.

I made a gif of it. You’re welcome.

If only this could be Fist of Fury meets Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Games will hit VOD on June 12 and DVD on July 3.

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